New Honolulu Hidden Gem: Mahina & Suns


In Honolulu, Hawaii there are an infinite amount of places to dine. Probably every street, corner, or hotel has somewhere for you to grab a bite to eat. We are familiar with the big names and franchised eateries but what about the smaller local business’? Sometimes in the oddest of places, treasures are hidden and the gems within them need to be found.

My partner and I attended a business meeting in Honolulu recently. We are familiar with the area, the hotels, and also the popular eateries in the area but not the place we were asked to meet up that day. We’ve never heard of it before. We were told to meet at the Surf Jack. 

We parked a block away by the Ala Wai, which was such beautiful scenery by the way. Walked over to find an entrance way with the words Surf Jack neatly written on incredible wooden walls. It’s one of those things you can easily miss considering it’s Honolulu. We walked in to see an open pool area that reads “Wish You Were Here,” on the interior of the pool floor. To the right, though, to our surprise sat our friends/partners, at an open restaurant. It immediately gleamed, like a gem would in the sunlight.

The restaurant is called Mahina & Suns and they serve great food, drinks, and service with aloha. Seating is outside as well as more intimate setting seating on the inside. Great for groups, couples, and even families. Evenings are usually busy for the reason they serve another menu of pupus, also known as appetizers. If you go during the day, remember to bring a bathing suit and a fresh pair of clothes. You are going to want to jump right in the pool.

I have lived on the island of Oahu all of my twenty-six years of life and have never been in this hotel, let alone even hear about this hidden gem. It’s unfortunate that you can’t even see this restaurant unless you are inside the hotel. Hence, the reason for the review of this place. They deserved a spotlight moment. It’s a great place to eat, have a date, or even hold business meetings at. It’s a tad bit higher end than a typical restaurant, but not too much where you feel you have to be formal. It’s perfectly balanced between laid back relaxed and sophisticated.

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Honolulu has many hidden gems laid out all over the island. It’s all there ready for people to find them and share their riches. Mahina & Suns are just one of those treasure chests that I was glad to have found. And if you’re wondering if it’s a place I’d recommend and return to again…You betcha!

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