Lucky Strike Social Honolulu Review: Lots of Fun Under One Roof


“Looking for a fun place where you can spend time with loved ones and friends? Check out Lucky Strike Social Honolulu.” Honolulu Painting Contractors

For decades, bowling alleys have always been among the best options for family fun. While its popularity has slowed down in recent years, it’s definitely not yet obsolete.

In fact, technology has found ways to add modern touches to this fun sport. This makes it even more fun and exciting. It also allowed bowling alleys to bounce back and provide a classic leisure activity to the younger crowds. 

Lucky Strike Social is one of the companies that aim to provide wholesome entertainment for folks of all ages. They’re primarily a bowling alley with a few more extras which makes them a one-stop-shop for a wholesome and fun night out.

In this Lucky Strike Honolulu review, we’ll look at what this hotspot has to offer. Should you give this modern bowling alley a shot? Find out below.

What It Offers

The first thing that you need to know about the Lucky Strike Social Honolulu is that it’s packed with activities that will tickle your fancy. You definitely won’t run out of things to do here. You only need to turn your head and you’ll find something interesting to enjoy.

What exactly can you enjoy at the Lucky Strike Social? Here’s a list of its offerings:

Lucky Strike Lanes

As the name would suggest, Lucky Strike Social is more of a modernized and expanded bowling alley than anything else. It’s a leisure establishment that promises a fun afternoon with the family or some wholesome night out with friends.

They have four bowling lanes located in the upstairs area. It might not be the biggest in the area, but it can be one of the most social media worthy options. They also have a small bar there and a “gentleman’s lounge.”

For the Win (FTW)

Amping up the fun factor is For the Win or FTW, Lucky Strike Social’s arcade area. They offer over 130 games that range from boardwalk classics to deluxe attractions. Unlike your old school arcade, though, you don’t have to bother with tokens and tickets here as you’ll get a reloadable smart card to access the games.

Community Menu

You also don’t have to interrupt the fun by having to go elsewhere to grab a bite when you’re at the Lucky Strike Social. They have a chef-driven menu so there’s no need for you to skip a meal while you’re having fun.

The best part? They also have Happy Hour offers at the bar upstairs. So if you want to booze up your fun night a little bit, it’s completely possible to do so here.


Want some live music with your fun night? That’s also offered here. You can even check out their lineup on their website so you can schedule your visit accordingly.

Why Visit Lucky Strike Social Honolulu

When and why should you visit Lucky Strike Social Honolulu? Here are three good reasons:

Great for Night Outs

Whether you want to try something different for your next date night or you just want some fun evening with your pals, this can be a great spot for a night out.


Want a fun way to celebrate an occasion? This place can also be a great place to host a fun party.

Great for Kids

With so many different fun activities to enjoy, this can also be a great place to take your kids on a weekend.

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