Ka Makana Ali’i: Oahu’s West Side New Shopping Center


Ka Makana Ali’i is located right in the middle of Kapolei and is easily accessed from all surrounding cities on the west side of the island of Oahu.

Ka Makana Ali’i offers its guests more than 100 stores and restaurants for the whole family to enjoy and experience. There are things for the children, and areas for the family to sit, play, shop, and dine making it the perfect place for an outing.

Kapolei, itself, is a growing city and is projected to have built 80,000 more homes by 2025. This is deemed to be the premier gathering place for the whole community. The developers have also partnered with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, meaning Ka Makana Ali’i will help support programs benefiting Native Hawaiians, statewide for many years to come!

Just a few places this mall offers are Bath & Body Works, California Pizza Kitchen, Foot Locker, H&M, Macy’s, Pet Smart, Supercuts, Thinker Toys, a luxury movie theater and much more! 

I have been to this mall a few times now and have even attended their opening day as well. I had no thoughts of the mall initially. I was just in awe. Its architecture is beautiful and it offers an already large range of dining and shopping options that appeals to all ages, local, or a tourist.

They have a 24 Hour Fitness center which is also close to the first Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel that’s located right next to the mall. This mall was what people of the West side of the island needed desperately. The nearest mall to the Kapolei before Ka Makana Ali’i is the Pearlridge Shopping Center which was a thirty-minute drive away not considering traffic. It’s about a 45 minute to an hour drive from the Honolulu area and 20 minutes from the Ko Olina area. If you’re staying in Waikiki, perhaps a nice ride with Hawaii Car Service will make your trip to Ka Makana Ali’i an even more fabulous one.

So far what is currently built is only the first phase.

From a business aspect, Ka Makana Ali’i has already been a blessing for some businesses allowing them to come in and lease a spot in such a popular and growing community right now. They offer the RMU, retail merchandising units pushcarts, remote kiosks, and even in-line spaces. In-line spaces are for retailers who require an actual store space but aren’t ready for a long term lease and looking to test the waters. Ka Makana Ali’i is a high traffic mall, so businesses, small or large, local or franchised are all looking to get in. Businesses can fill out a leasing brochure right from their website.

My experience at this mall was enjoyable and I will be going there a lot more often as more and more stores and restaurants are being built and opens up. It really is a lovely place to shop, hang out, and dine in. I’ve already eaten dinner here, went to catch a movie, and even took care of my Christmas shopping there as well.

The vibes are always nice and the place is just oozing aloha! The open mall is perfect on a nice and sunny day – but don’t worry too much, there are places with shade to rest. Ka Makana Ali’i has opened on such a great note and will only get better.

The potential there is great. It’s great for the community, it’s consumers, businesses, as well as providing more jobs. It was well worth the wait and we can’t wait to see what else is coming!

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