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When you travel to Hawaii, you want to get the best and complete experience of what Hawaii has to offer. You probably have that image in your mind of how Hawaii is – a dream tropical vacation. And it will be.

But, of course, there are things that you can do to make your vacation that much better. One of those things is to use a Hawaii limo service for your transportation needs. If there are a few things that I would recommend to enhance your Hawaii experience, I would say, book a lei greeting and hotel transfer upon arrival from the airport, and book it with Hawaii Car Service!

Hawaii Car Service is a premier first-class luxury car service. They provide great transportation services for any and all of your needs. From your personal chauffeur, Honolulu airport transport, Oahu tours, and more, they provide the best transportation services. With over 35 years of experience, they know Hawaii and serve with the finest class of Hawaiian hospitality.

I live in Hawaii. When I travel out of state I use Hawaii Car Service as my go-to airport transportation service. I’m not just writing this as an empty promotion for them, but because I’ve gone through many limo services here, and Kevin at Hawaii Car Service provided, by far, the best service.

Many of the other companies were impersonal and seemed as if they just wanted to get their job done and move along. Kevin is my usual driver and he really provides the friendly Hawaii service that you would expect when in Hawaii. I give him (them) a thumbs up recommended review because if you are visiting Hawaii, I want you to have a great “taste in your mouth” about Hawaii. And a car service with Hawaii Car Service would help to provide that.

I recommend using a car service for your transportation needs for several less obvious reasons. (1) Oahu gets very traffic and being chauffeured will allow you to be at ease and enjoy the scenic views of Hawaii while making it to your dinner reservation on time. (2) The drivers are like your personal travel guide and can provide you with recommendations. (3) They pose as your personal security guard. (4) They can take your pictures. Last, but not least, (5) Hawaii is about luxury and pampering yourself, you can do so with a car service – relax and enjoy your Hawaii vacation!

Contact Info:

Hawaii Car Service
330 Saratoga Road #15365
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 926-4444


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