Five Guys Burgers And Fries Hawaii Review


Fresh, handcrafted burgers is a popular trend among burger joints across the country and Hawaii is no exception.

The franchise chain Five Guys Burgers And Fries made their way to Hawaii in June of 2016 to offer their take on handcrafted burgers that we love so much. But, how does it stack up (pun intended)? Being around since 1986 you would think that they have mastered their craft…

There was a lot of hype when 5 Guys Burger And Fries opened up their first Hawaii location in the Mililani¬†shopping center. The hype led to long lines and I swear there wasn’t a moment that I scrolled through Facebook without seeing a post about someone eating there. So, of course, we had to try it out. We waited a few months after launch to give it time for the hype to die down and to let them work out the kinks in their service if any.

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Kick Your Seafood Craving With Kickin’ Kajun


Kickin’ Kajun Kapolei, Hawaii (In Ka Makana Alii)

Hawaii is a melting pot of cuisines and Cajun food is no exception. In fact, Cajun and Creole seafood dining fit right in with Hawaii’s culture – well, at least the way Kickin Kajun does it.

The seafood bag, gloves, bib, and dig right in style of eating is a hit here on the islands. Why? Is it because we just love to eat?

Well, it’s more than that. Here, it’s also about spending quality time with the Ohana, merry-making, and conversation around the dining table. Getting your hands dirty, cracking open crab legs, fiddling with crawfish, seafood juice squirting in your eye is the bonus when you eat at a Cajun seafood restaurant.

Kickin’ Cajun just opened up their newest restaurant in Hawaii’s newest mall Ka Makana Alii in Kapolei. So, of course, the family and I had to eventually get our hands dirty and stomach filled with some seafood.

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Kountry Kitchen | Keeping It Country


Kountry Kitchen Ewa Beach Review

All locals can appreciate a local family owned restaurant with good grinds. We all love that at home feel with hot fresh food that resembles what grandma use to whip up in her kitchen. Who can resist the local favorites like loco moco, 12-inch pancakes, and eggs benedict, right?

This charming little gem is located in Ewa beach on the island of Oahu. Its first location was opened in 1975 on the island of Kauai. They chose to open up in Ewa Beach, saying that it resembles a little bit of home on Kauai. The brother and sister owners of the Oahu location, Rolando and Susana Espinosa, just wanted to cater to the kamaaina. Which is exactly what they do through their location here on Oahu.

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Hawaii Car Service: Hawaii’s #1 Limousine & Chauffeur Services


When you travel to Hawaii, you want to get the best and complete experience of what Hawaii has to offer. You probably have that image in your mind of how Hawaii is – a dream tropical vacation. And it will be.

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